Investment in Education from Kanca

“The best investment is in Human Resources  and above all in the future of youth”.

Involving in the industry since 1966 and as celebrating 40th anniversary of those bright and successful years in business, on May 2006, Mr. Abdullah Kanca, our President, with Mr. Faruk Nafiz Ozak, Minister of Public Works and Settlement, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ozen, Rector of KTU, Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdol, Member of Parliament with also governor and local bureaucrats had attended to the foundation ceremony of the “KTU Abdullah Kanca Technical High School”, which he dedicated to the young generation and to Trabzon, the city where Mr. Kanca was also born.
The school, on 8.000 m2 with 800 students capacity, will have 16 classrooms, 4 technically equipped lecture rooms, 7 laboratories, library, conference hall, cafeteria and café. Aiming to educate technicians, who are one of the core labor force in an emerging industry, the Technical High School, with its branches in Mechanics, Mechatronics, Electric-Electronics, Ship Construction and Ship Machinery, will be managed as a part of Karadeniz Technical University and help region strengthening its position sharply in nautical industry.  The planned opening ceremony is by the end of 2007.