About Mr. Abdullah KANCA

Mr. Kanca was born in 1934 at Surmene, Trabzon. He studied here to the end of technical high school. Between 1954 and 1964 he had worked in commerce and trade and involved in various commercial chambers and associations. Moved to Istanbul, Topkapi in 1966 and started producing forged hand tools. 1976 he was the founder of the first modern plant in hand tool production in Turkey. Starting from 1982 he began working in automotive sector and continuously developed until 2004, the time when he moved his plant to a brand new 55,000-m2 facility. Being currently the honored President of Kanca, he has been vise president of TAYSAD (Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers) and TOSB (TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone), also active member of ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry) and TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey). Mr. Kanca has four children.